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Are you tired of your stressed-out life? Is this weather driving your sinuses crazy?  Halotherapy is a natural alternative and complimentary way of relieving stress and ​improving general wellness, respiratory issues, skin conditions, detoxification, athletic performance and more.


What Is Halotherapy?

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The dry method of halotherapy is done in a man-made “salt room” that’s free of humidity. The temperature is comfortable, set around 72-76 degrees. Sessions can last from 10 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the room. A halogenerator must be present for it to be Halotherapy.

A halogenerator grinds salt into microscopic particles and releases them into the air of the room in aerosol form. This allows the salt to be absorbed into the respiratory system. Once inhaled, these salt particles absorb irritants, including allergens and toxins, from the respiratory system. This process breaks up mucus and reduces inflammation, resulting in clearer airways. It’s definitely a complimentary way to aid with issues such as: asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, cold and flu symptoms, COPD and cystic fibrosis. It is also very beneficial for athletes as it can help reduce inflammation throughout the body.

The salt particles have a similar effect on your skin by absorbing bacteria and other impurities responsible for many skin conditions. Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis; just to name a few.

Salt also produces negative ions. This causes your body to release more serotonin, one of the chemicals behind feelings of happiness. Our salt room is definitely relaxing and stress free!


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While there are many clinical and scientific studies conducted on dry salt therapy (halotherapy) throughout the world, the FDA has not evaluated the statements made throughout this material, content, website, etc. Dry Salt Therapy is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.
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